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Tips for your Prom Photo Session in Bloomington-IN

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How do I prepare for my Prom Photo Session?

Well, that's a doubt many Seniors have about it.

But I will give you some tips that will help you.

1) First you have to think about what style of dress you like and would like to wear. A tip is: check in the Pinterest and see the styles of dresses that you like the most. Because with the dress style in your mind it will be easier for you to check in stores. Another tip: choose a dress style that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.

2) Choose the dress color that matches your skin. Because you will look more radiant in your pictures.

3) Plan your hairstyle. Make something that matches your dress. I recommend you make an appointment at the salon with a professional.

4) Do a very gentle facial cleanse, about 3 days before your photo session.

5) Use makeup carefully. Makeup serve to enhance your beauty, as well as disguising imperfections such as stains and acne. But I don't recommend using dark makeup. Just a basic and more natural makeup is enough to make you feel more confident and powerful.

But if you want make your makeup a little different, just try to use colors that match your dress, such as eyeshadow that match with your dress.

6) Think about some props or accessory you like and would like to use in your session.

7) Make a appointment with a manicure and get your nails done. A tip: use a color that matches your dress.

8) Eat and drink water before your photo session. To make sure you will feel good throughout the Photoshoot.

9) Get read to shine. Be yourself and just shine, shine!

I hope these tips will help you!

We are already booking Prom Photo Sessions. For more information, send us a message through our website or e-mail.


29 Jan 2022

Tips for your Prom Photo Session in Bloomington-IN

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